Working Mom Tip: Finding Pockets of Work Time in Your Day

“But, I don’t have enough time…”

How many of you have said this at least once this week?  :hand raise: Guilty here!  I literally just said this the other day to none other than my business mentor about something I hate doing.  Do I really not have enough time in my day to do what she was asking me to do to help my business go forward?  No, probably not.  Was I making an excuse to avoid doing something I don’t like, but I KNOW will help me move my business forward?  Yup.

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We’ve all done it.  We’ve all made the excuse that we are too busy to do something.  Whether it’s clean our house, exercise, or do something we know we are supposed to be doing, either for ourselves or for someone else.  But, do we REALLY not have the time to do it?  Or is it just an excuse we are making to avoid doing something we want to put off or not do?

Because, the truth of the matter is, we ALL have 24-hours in the day.  You, me, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Donald Trump, Brad Pitt… we all have 24-hours to decide how we will break up that time and get everything done that we need to do.

I get it.  I am a full time working mom.  My day starts at 4AM, when I get up to get my run in.  Once I get home from my run, I hop in the shower and get ready for work.  By 6AM, I am getting the kids ready, and I’m out the door by 6:30AM.  My work day starts at 7:15 and ends at 3:15, when I head home, pick up my son, and race home to make it to the bus stop on time to get my daughter.  Then, it’s family time + dinner until about 7:30, when we start our bedtime routine.  The kids are in bed by 8, and I start picking up around the house and folding the laundry I put in the dryer in the morning.  By 8:30, I’m on the couch, working on growing my 2 businesses (Van Horn Run Coaching, LLC and The Biz Runners) and chatting with my husband before heading to bed around 10PM (on a good night).

So, I get it.  The busy excuse is one I try to avoid, but sometimes it gets the best of me too.  But, I constantly remind myself of the goals that I have in my life and my business.  My core desires are to be home with my kids (quit my job + work from home running my 2 businesses) and travel more with my husband (+ kids).  And my plan to do that is by growing both of these businesses.

And growing a business, whether you are a coach, a network marketer, or a virtual assistant, requires TIME.  Time equals money, and the more time we have, the more we are able to continue moving forward and growing our business.

So, how do we grow a business when we feel like we have no time?  Well, we have to MAKE time + FIND time in our day to do it.

I want you to do a quick analysis of how you spend your time today and throughout the week.  How often are you on your phone, checking Facebook or your email?  What are moments in your day that you are typically doing something, but maybe it’s not something that is moving your business or LIFE forward?

I have a few pockets in my day where I can get things done to work on my business tasks.  For example, on my 30-minute commute to work, Kelli + I are typically discussing business tasks for the day.  I also catch up with my mastermind sisters on Voxer or do some professional development by listening to a webinar or course I’m taking.  I have about 5-10 minutes between my classes during the day (I’m a middle school PE teacher) where I catch up on emails or write some quick content for the following week.  I typically have a working lunch, getting caught up on business or client tasks for the day.

working mom, productivity, mom work life balance, time saver

These little pockets of time are SO much more productive than sitting on my phone on Facebook or Instagram.  Don’t get me wrong, I still get on social media, but my time is more limited on when I am on Facebook.  Family time is family time, so I try to avoid doing work during that time as much as possible.

Here’s what you need to think about when finding these pockets of work time:  What are your priorities?  What tasks can you do in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.?  Where are there pockets of time in your day you can fit these smaller tasks in?  Are these tasks going to help move your business forward?

I hope this helps you reassess your time and what you can get done in it.  Remember, we all have 24-hours in our day… it’s how we USE them that will help us be successful in life!

Kristen Van Horn