You are growing a successful FASTer Way to Fat Loss® coaching business, but you are at the point where you are so overwhelmed, you just don't know how to keep up with everything.  You feel like you are spending more time in front of your computer than you are with your clients or family.


Let us lighten the load of your business and RUN your business for you so you have more time with your clients + family!

We offer virtual assistant services specifically for FASTer Way to Fat Loss® coaches. We understand the ins + outs of what needs to be done for each round of the program, as well as how to keep your content compliant with the branding guide for the FASTer Way! We will help you run your coaching business so you have MORE time to spend helping your clients with each round without having to sacrifice MORE of your free time for you family or full time job!



What’s included in your FASTer Way Assistant Package?

Kick-off Strategy Call

This one-time 45-min strategic planning session with Kelli of The Biz Runners is mandatory with all packages to kick off our successful working relationship. This is your opportunity to lay it all on the table and let us know exactly which areas of your business you want to improve, how you think your team + projects can be better managed, and what systems you need to put into place to make your business run smoothly. And it’s our opportunity to evaluate your needs, your team & projects, and your overall business structure.

The FASTer Way - We will chat where you want to focus your efforts as a coach in your programs (ex. Coaching via Facebook groups, responding to emails, writing blog posts, creating Live videos) so that our team knows where we can automate the rest and make your life easier!


Project & Team Management

  • Calendar + Meeting management

  • Organizing + systemizing projects + workflow

The FASTer Way  - We can help you organize your “power hour” work time so you are the most efficient. We can set up your next launch of the FW and when you want to start marketing. We will create a Trello board with tasks for our team, specific to your FW business. We set up our weekly, and monthly tasks around your marketing new groups, blog posts, emails, affiliate posts, etc. We will also set up and schedule your Zoom calls or FB lives and email them to your clients.

Systems Building & Standard Operating Procedures

  • Data entry - contacts, testimonials, faqs for programs

  • Documents, Spreadsheets - tracking; customer service docs

  • Email management & Customer Service- responding to and organizing documents in email provider

The FASTer Way - We check the Idev system for new clients, keep track of them on a spreadsheet with their contact information, and then add them to an automation which will trigger welcome emails, with all the information on start date, where to find you as the coach, how to join the Facebook group and when your group calls will be. We automate emails with the final feedback form. We gather testimonials weekly and create graphics to post for social proof of the program. We use all brand cohesive FW graphics and testimonial templates at the preference of the coach. We can also send emails if desired to clients/contacts.


Social Media Management

  • Social media audit + strategy consultation

  • Schedule posts on platforms

  • Social media graphics curation & creation - graphics on brand

  • Proofreading, uploading, and scheduling newsletters + blog posts

  • YouTube channel maintenance - Upload, post, and repurpose videos; Update descriptions + tags

The FASTer Way - We provide a monthly content calendar for your social media platforms and create graphics on brand for your fitness business. (Please note: we do not write your content as your voice needs to be heard and delivered, but content writing is available at an additional fee.)

  • Scheduling all social media posts once content has been prepared via FB, Later, or other online schedulers

  • We use colors and fonts that are on-brand with you as the coach and with the accredited FW program.

  • We schedule bi-weekly emails to your list containing valuable content you have shared via live video, etc. We also transcribe your videos into blog posts the same week your email goes out. We schedule 2 emails/week the week before Prep week as a “Final Call” for joining the program.

  • If needed, we can upload FB live videos to your YouTube Channel.

  • When creating your blog post images, we create Pinterest-friendly images that can easily be pinned and shared.


List + Customer Relations Management

  • Email list management - Setting up automations (MailChimp, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, etc.)

  • Integration with forms, Leadpage setup + integration

  • Setting up opt-ins, sequences, forms, and list transfers

The FASTer Way - We connect your opt-in to your email provider; integrate any pop-up forms with Leadpages and set up your email sequence.

**We outsource copy editing and copywriting at an additional cost

**We can create an opt-in/lead magnet (**additional cost)

Website Management

  • Uploading docs + media files

  • Updating pages + plugins

  • Scheduling blog posts

The FASTer Way - We update photos, pages, adjust fonts, buttons, plugins, and more for your Website.

"On the House" Weekly Progress Reports

We will send a weekly summary of projects we are working on, what is completed and what is happening the upcoming week in your business.

FASTer Way Assistant Services
$497 per month



“But, what if I don’t need all of this?!”

We are more than happy to hop on a call with you and discuss various options that fit the needs of YOUR business! Custom quotes are ALWAYS an option and we are more than happy to tailor something to fit YOUR need!


Ready to get started?!  Let's work as a team to help you get your business running + growing!


The Process

  1. We meet for a 30-45 min discovery call to discuss the needs of your business and how our process works as your team.

  2. After we chat, we will send you a quote if we feel we are the team for you based on your business needs.

  3. Once the quote is agreed upon, a contract, invoice and welcome email are sent laying out all the details for our time together.

  4. We give you access to our project management tool, Trello, where you will see your business tasks all in one place for the week and month.

  5. We send you a weekly email update on projects completed, work done, questions that arise, and any other pertinent information.



Not sure you’re ready to commit to a long term contract with us?! Or maybe you don’t need ALL the services we offer?

We’ve got you covered!



Email Marketing Campaigns


  • Weekly value emails sent to FW coaches email list (1 per week + Final call emails before each launch)

  • Welcome email automation set up before FW launch round + instructional video for adding to list from iDev, scheduling and sending to clients)

**Bonus - monthly content calendar with 2 posts/day prompts emailed each month

Price: $197 per month



Social Media Management


  • Setting up FW FB group prior to launch (returning client or new group)

  • Scheduling weekly posts with call times, portal links, graphics, etc (customizable based on client needs)

**Bonus - monthly content calendar with 2 posts/day prompts emailed each month

Price: $197 per month

**Add-Ons - Quote graphics, testimonials, IG story graphics - Additional $75/month





  • Done for you content - written in your voice so you don’t even have to worry about it!

  • 2 posts per day scheduled to social media - story-telling posts, call to action, quotes, motivation, etc.

Price: $300 per month





  • Quote graphics, testimonials, IG story graphics, etc (based on coach needs)

Price: $100 per month



Lead Magnet Design


  • 2-5 page PDF based on client-written content

  • Edits included

Price: $197

**Add-Ons - Integrate Lead Magnet into email provider + value email - additional $97

**Add-Ons -Integrate Lead Magnet into email provider + 3-5 email series (The Biz Runners will help coach write if needed) - additional $147



We would LOVE to help you grow + scale your FASTer Way business! Let’s chat and see if our services are the perfect fit for YOUR business!